SEYCHELLES’ BLUE FINANCE: A Blueprint for Wider Adoption

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There is widespread interest in “Blue economy” innovations for oceanic health, and the underlying “blue finance” transactions that facilitate these innovations. National leaders are interested in improving and sustainably harnessing natural resources for national development. Environmental advocates are seeking new tools to employ in their advocacy. International and local investors may seek a wider impact beyond financial returns alone. Industry leaders may desire to understand how blue finance arrangements affect their industry. 

Despite these differing perspectives, almost all people interested in “blue finance” want to know what it is, and how it is linked to ocean health. This is why the Seychelles “blue finance” transactions in recent years have generated such international interest. Despite this widespread interest, media releases provide scant detail on how the deals are actually structured, and how they are linked to oceanic health. 

For this reason, this report provides a deeper dive into blue finance by addressing the following questions: 

• How were the Seychelles transactions structured? How did they work? 

• How are these transactions linked to arrangements that seek to promote oceanic health? and 

• How do these arrangements compare with traditional means of managing marine resources? 

Reading this report is worth your effort because the reality of these transactions differs significantly from the simplified descriptions provided up to this point. Enjoy.

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