Finology employs an understanding of how markets operate and how they evolve over time. Finology often addresses how a market responds to a particular event or intervention.

Finology employs a deep understanding of how information, contracting and governance affect human interaction. Economic development of a business, industry or a nation is driven by specialization and resulting economies of scale. This requires coordinated human effort to achieve outcomes beyond the capacity of individuals. But coordination is difficult because of our inherent inability to trust, along with the related problems of imperfect information, and the infeasibility of completely defining contracts and property rights.

Finology addresses each assignment as an opportunity to tackle these challenges through improved institutional arrangements, information flow, contracts and market mechanisms. Such outcomes can improve the organizing, monitoring, incentivizing, pricing and allocating of resources within a business, a business sector or across the economy.

And that makes the world a better place.


Assignments Related to International Investment/Development

  • Developed methodology for World Bank in valuing government guarantees provided as “sweeteners” in international investment arrangements.

  • Developed methodology for Treasury of New Zealand to assess economic impact of privatization of New Zealand state trading enterprises.

  • Long-term advisor to executive management of Saudi Electricity Company.

  • Consultant to Federal Electricity and Water Authority, United Arab Emirates.

  • Expert witness in World Bank ICSID arbitration on behalf of Hungarian Government in dispute related to foreign investment in Hungarian infrastructure.

  • Expert witness in ICC Court of Arbitration in relation to a foreign investment project to electrify Albania’s main rail transport link.

  • Scoping and initial implementation work for GlobalDairyTrade, an auction platform that is now the largest traded market for dairy products in the world.